Beast Mode - Womans Gaming Tee Shirt


What's that K/D looking like? This woman's gaming tee shirt is a tribute to the hardcore gamers out there. This makes a great gift to the sweaty gamers in your life. Elevate your gamer gear to match your gaming prowess.

  • Long lasting/durable: 100% Polyester
  • Lightweight and comfortable fabric
  • Regular fit - Runs true to size (see below)
  • Tagless


Width, in 16.73 17.76 18.74 20.24 21.73 23.27
Length, in 24.49 25.24 25.98 26.73 27.48 28.23
Sleeve length, in 5.28 5.51 5.75 5.98 6.30 6.54

As a customer at TWG-Apparel you can submit clips to be featured in our montages with a shout out to your Twitch, YouTube, or platform of choice! Our goal is to build a community of mutual growth.

 4. Note: If you would like a custom touch (Ex: Last name on the back, Gamertag, Youtube name, Twitch name, etc) added to your shirt, see directions at the bottom of this product description before trying to order. 


  • Shipping: All products on our site are made to order. Our partnered manufacturer estimates roughly a 4-6 business day fulfillment (creating the product). 
    From there, once your product is completed and checked for quality measures, they will ship it directly to you along with a tracking number. You should receive notifications as your order is fulfilled/shipped.


  • Personalization (read the following before ordering for custom orders)
  • We will be testing a customization option for a $3 up-charge in which we can personalize the back of the shirt with your name, twitch, YouTube, etc. Depending on the design we may be able to switch the graphic to your logo and match the color scheme of your brand. If you would like a personalized item DO NOT ORDER YET!
  • A new listing will have to be custom made and a mock-up image will be e-mailed to you before you order the item in order to ensure satisfaction. Once the item is purchased, the manufacturer is immediately notified to produce the item so please contact us before placing a personalized order.

For personalized inquires please reach out to

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