Camper Spotted


Ever feel the frustration of walking around a corner just to die to a dirty camper? We feel ya there, which is what inspired us to create this gaming t-shirt. While they prey on the unsuspecting, we take an aggressive stance, like Gamer "Snow", to let them know that Karma is coming! 

To comfort you, we've ensured that this shirt is uniquely textured with thick microfiber knit fabric. This high quality T-shirt wicks perspiration rapidly away from the skin, drawing it to the surface where it quickly evaporates.

Yeah, you heard me right, this stylish look is designed to work perfectly for you sweaty gamers out there! You may take that figuratively, or literally.... Your choice! Regardless, you can comfortably take revenge with style while enjoying this humorous t-shirt!

As a customer at TWG-Apparel you can submit clips to be featured in our montages with a shout out to your Twitch, YouTube, or platform of choice! Our goal is to build a community of mutual growth.

  • Regular fit: see chart below for any sizing concerns!
  • 100% Polyester
  • Tagless
  • Runs true to size
  • Made In USA

  • Sublimation: Our premium shirts utilize the Sublimation printing process rather than the common DTG. 

    Why? Sublimation, though a more expensive process, ensures a higher quality and longer lasting print.

    How? Rather than DTG, which prints ink on top of the cloth...Sublimation heats the ink to a gaseous state, which then integrates into the fiber of the cloth itself!

    1. This process helps to ensure a more durable and longer lasting design as the ink is not sitting on top of the cloth where it can more easily fade and/or crack.

    2. Sublimation printing also utilizes more ink (part of why it's more expensive to produce) allowing for more brightly colored designs.

    3. This process allows us to print on any part of the cloth while DTG is generally restricted to a rectangle on the chest that you see on most basic shirts.

    4. Note: If you would like a custom touch (Ex: Last name on the back, Gamertag, Youtube name, Twitch name, etc) added to your shirt, see directions at the bottom of this product description before trying to order. 

  • Shipping: All products on our site are made to order. Our partnered manufacturer estimates roughly a 4-6 business day fulfillment (product creation). From there, once your product is completed and checked for quality measures, they will ship it directly to you along with a tracking number. You should receive notifications as your order is fulfilled/shipped.

Width, in
Length, in
Sleeve length, in


We will be testing a customization option for a $3 up-charge in which we can personalize the back of the shirt with your name, twitch, YouTube, etc. If you would like a personalized item DO NOT ORDER HERE.

A new listing will have to be custom made and a mock-up image will be e-mailed to you before you order the item in order to ensure satisfaction. Once the item is purchased, the manufacturer is immediately notified to produce the item so contact us before placing a personalized order.

For personalized inquires please reach out to

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